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04:23pm 06/07/2004
mood: annoyed
I am tired. DA was long yesterday and then stayed with Lilah in the room after everyone left and talked and stuff till like 4 am. Am exhausted. It's getting stromy out. I don't spend nearly enough time with my friend. But, they are just getting so hostile towards Lilah. Mostly Sally. I don't know what to do. I love Lil and I love my friends. Anyhow, was feeling very depressed and was moping in the courtyard when Ginny saw me and talked ot me for a while. She cheered me up alot. Was nice to talk to someone who wasn't Lil or Blaise and didn't involve Malfoy, Sex, or money as topics of conversation.

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02:56am 16/03/2004
mood: amused
Was doing push ups in the room and Zach came in, didn't see me and tripped over me. Was brilliant really. Sorry, but was just too amusing. That is all for today. Oh an Lilah was in a bad mood and wouldn't talk to me after class and went to bed early. Girls and their moods. Sally is jumping on my bed in her nightgown and Justin is pelting her with popcorn. Chaos I tell you! Been walking around the afternoon shirtless and Sally pretended to faint 5 times. Its just really hot in here! Castle needs AC!

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10:38am 11/01/2004
mood: annoyed
Party was ok. I mean I had fun in the beginning. Was just a weird place to be. Lilah and I retreated to her room for a while so I missed Sally apparently going off on Hannah about something. Sally is still asleep and Hannah says it's no big deal. I wasn't there so I don't know.
Sally got so drunk. I had to carry her back to her room. Good thing she's light. I don't think Han had a good time. She didn't speak to me the whole time we walked back to the common room. This morning she nodded and went off to breakfast without a word to anyone.
I hope she's ok.

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11:58am 09/01/2004
mood: pessimistic
New LJs everywhere. Interesting. Am afraid to read Blaise's really am. Lilah should be here soon. We are going to hang out today. Although she stops by and usually what happens is, if no one is in the room, like now, we never leave the room. I feel like a letch. Hope we actually do something for a change. Outside of the room I mean.

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07:05am 08/01/2004
mood: distressed
Had a very odd dI wream. I dreamed I was still dating Mandy and I moving to the US. She suddenly was madly in love with me and was begging me to stay. So...I stayed. FOR MANDY! MANDY!!!!!! *shudders* I feel dirty. We snogged way too much in my dream.

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03:02pm 14/10/2003
mood: curious
Who has a crush on minicee?
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02:14pm 26/05/2003
mood: curious
Name: Nigel Demetrius Winthrope-Moon III

Tormentor: qt_ninja

House: Hufflepuff of course
Home: Raised in Wales in the St. Andrew's orphanage, until I was adopted by the Winthrope-Moon family. The Moon estate "Lyme House" is in Chestershire, have one house in Hampstead, one flat in Kensington

Appearance: PICTURE!

Special powers: Heir to Hufflepuff and all that endows

Strengths: Loyal and hardworking like my house motto states. I tend to get alot of girlfriends. I dont't know if that's good.

Weaknesses: Bottle up everything, let people walk all over me, don't stand up for myself, obsess over girls too much, not as brave as an Heir should be I think, get easily depressed.

Passions: Dancing and girls. Put them both togethar and I am a happy lad.

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12:31am 06/05/2003
mood: accomplished
The festival was Brilliant!
Felt a little lonely though. Lilah was rather busy keeping Athena and Blaise form killing each other I don't see how they don't get on, considering I like both of them. Yes, believe it or not, I like Blaise.
He saved me from utter boredom and loneliness. Sally and Han were off drooling over band boys. As was Lilah on occassion which really pissed me off. *breathes* Susan was always with Hermione and her friends. So I was just there. Blaise kidnapped me and dragged me to see Jesiminda Suarez peform. He kept begging to see ehr but Athena would go off about how the girl was nothing but boobs. Which I understand, but she made it into such an issue.
Thus Blaise took me, I had no scrupples. *winks* We saw her show which involved lost of loud singing and riding back up dancers. Blaise seemed thoroughly entertained. I felt dirty. Blaise somehow talked me into gong backstage. Being that we had the VIP passes form Xenia, we could. We climbed up all these stairs and in the back was all these bodygaurds. They were massive and could squash us with one hand. But, Blaise seemed so cool and calm.
But, when we actually met Jesiminda, he couldn't speak. I ahd to introduce him to her. ME! Was was bloody funny. We hung out in the green room with someof her friends and roadies. I was really quiet, but these girls sort of tackled me and forced me to dance with all of them. Or at least Blaise told me that is what I am to say to Lilah. :) Actually they were just having fun and really nice. We danced around and then I realized Blaise was missing, as was Jesiminda. I really didn't want to know. But when they appeared again he had to tell me! God!
So Blaise was all smiling like a moron as went back to the girls. I was waiting for him to gloat to them he wans't a virgin anymore, but he just said we met her and left. Lilah gave me this odd look begged Blaise to not corrupt me any further and that I had lipstick on my cheek. *shurgs* Well those girls wear alot of makeup.
Me and Blaise hung out pretty much for the rest of the concert. I thnakfully was saved many times by him form having to see all those boys bands. But Werewolf opened for Xenia, so we couldn't get out of that one.
Xenia was brilliant! And unbelievably gorgeous. It was a wicked concert and now I am very tired and trying to be jealous over stupid band boys whom my girlfriend seems to deem geniuses. At least I don't have be around then ever again!

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06:45pm 06/04/2003
mood: awake
Last book you read: Chicken Potion for the Soul

Last movie you saw: Clueless...Sally tied me to a chair and forced me

Last movie you saw on the big screen: Braveheart I think

Last phone number you called: Sally's in the states...we miss you!

Last show you watched on TV: Friends...am gonna marry racehl XD~~

Last song you heard: Come Together by the Beatles... dad is playing it loudly

Last thing you had to drink: Milk

Last thing you ate: cereal

Last time you showered: Half hour ago...I smell good

Last time you cried: September 12th... Ced's birthday

Last time you smiled: a second ago... Mum brought me tea!!! wooohoo!

Last time you laughed: during my chat with Sal she was pretending to be raping justin...was brilliant

Last person you hugged: Mum

Last thing you said: Thanks...after mum brought me tea!!! woohoo!

Last person you talked to online: Sally

Last person you talked to on the phone: Sally

Last thing you smelled: my tea!! woohoo!

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06:32pm 06/04/2003
mood: horny
I want to have sex. I mean I really do. I am going mad. Is all I think about. I am too young right?

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05:37pm 28/03/2003
mood: melancholy
I am so confused. I really feel jumbled inside. I am in love with Lilah right?

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11:04am 19/03/2003

I am the Natural

Childhood is the golden paradise we are always consciously or unconsciously trying to re-create. The Natural embodies the longed-for qualities of childhood - spontaneity, sincerity, unpretentiousness. In the presence of Naturals, we feel at ease, caught up in their playful spirit, transported back to that golden age. Adopt the pose of the Natural to neutralize people's defensiveness and infect them with helpless delight.

Symbol: The Lamb. So soft and endearing. At two days old the lamb can gambol gracefully; within a week it is playing "Follow the Leader." Its weakness is part of its charm. The Lamb is pure innocence, so innocent we want to possess it, even devour it.

What Type of Seducer are You?
created by polite_society

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11:26pm 14/03/2003
  You are Nigel!
Which Heirloom Hufflepuff are you?

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12:32am 06/03/2003
mood: hot
alas...another oneCollapse )

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04:03am 03/03/2003
mood: awake
surveyCollapse )

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me in a nutshell   
10:22pm 02/03/2003
mood: anxious
I just turned fifteen. :)
I am rather tall now. I think a foot taller then Sally. pfft
I am HUGE!
Don't mind me am hyper.
I tower over all!
Justin is just an inch or two shorter. I think Ron is the only lad I know taller than me.
Lilah is really tall. I never noticed it really.
But she is. Like a runway model. :D
I don't know what is my obsession with heights right now is, but alas it is here.
Who is absolutely insane and is trying for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team?
Nope not me!
But, Sally is!
She'll be a good seeker I think. She's so little and cute.
Blaise and Lilah are here and are for some reason playing basketball with each other's shirts with little peices of paper.
Should I be annoyed that Blaise's target is Lily's cleavage?


I have this odd fear that Hannah is falling for Blaise. I usually am dense about these things, but I have this feeling. Plus Blaise told me, "I think Hannah wants me."
Brilliant! :(
But she is going out with Seamus.

Fickleness thy name is Hannah. *sigh*

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10:19pm 17/02/2003
mood: amused

You Are A Romantic Kisser!

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How Do *You* Kiss?

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02:14pm 17/02/2003
mood: irritated
I am very hyper and I don't know why.
Is bloody freezing!
I was wearing the sort of tight black turtle neck on and Sally took one look and say, "I can see why he thought you were gay."
I have this urge to prove my straightness. Pfft. not that I exactly know how to do that. Oh well, peaople are just mean to me.
*shakes fist*
Fitted clothes doesn't make one gay!
Okay am getting off this whole gay thing. Onto more important things. hmmmm like what?
I have no idea. I have no life. *sigh*
Sally is poking my ass with a pencil. I have no idea why.
"It's so squishy!" she says.
Someone please get this girl a boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!
OUCH! She just pinched it!

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09:59pm 16/02/2003
mood: uncomfortable
Am in a state of total shock!
Pierre of Werewolf has been very nice to us since we met them at the Music festival. the nicest actually. Roger just tries to get in everyone's pants, including Lilah's. Grr. and, the others are just snobs. But, Pierre was really nice and well today he sort explained why. Cuz he thought I was gay. And turns out he's gay. And he fancies me I guess.
It's not that i don't like gay people. But why does everyone think I'm gay? Cho thought i was gay and having a flign with oddly enough Cedric...my BROTHER! And now this bloke thinks it. Help me out guys! I just don't get it. I must give off this gay vibe or something.
Anyway, Pierre was really embarrassed and begged me not to tell anyone, so don't go blabbing to people about him. It's bad for his boyband image or what not. And he is a rather nice bloke.Lilah couldn't stop laughing. is laughing actually right now as she reads over my shoulder.
I'm not gay!

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12:58am 15/02/2003
mood: loved
I told Lilah I loved her and she didn't say it back. She said she didn't want to lie and I tried to be all repectful of that. I was really upset though. I even had a dream before telling her and in it we were walking to a field and I said "I love you," and she ran away.
But, then later today I was walking her to her common room to say goodnight and she asked me if I meant what I said and I said I did and then she said, "I love you too." I was so happy I made her say it over and over again.
We snogged alot after that and then she had to go to bed cuz it was really late and I ran so fast back to my room as to not get caught by Filch.
Best Valentines Day ever! :)

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